…You are a first class resource. The seminar was outstanding. Your interactive presentation on how to influence people and communication methodologies was surprisingly entertaining and highly informative. Everyone found the take home value superb.

Brendan Calder
-CIBC Mortgages

I am writing to say how much I enjoyed attending the " Master of Negotiation " seminar recently. I felt the course content was very practical and effective and that it was time well spent. Anyone who doesn't take time to learn to be a better negotiator, and just as importantly, become aware of techniques that people use on us, does not understand the value and power of negotiations.

Donald J. Walker
President CEO
-Magna International Inc

I have been in the sales meeting business for over fifteen years, and during that time my organization has retained hundreds of motivational speakers, workshop facilitators, etc. I would rank Ross McBride as one of the best resources that I have ever heard. He knows how to capture and sustain the interest of the audience by combining powerful content, and interactive program and his engaging style.

Tony Chapman

My investment in time and money has been repaid many times already. Whether my next presentation is for a small group or a large audience, I am positive that your seminar has armed me with the tools to be successful. I am now more confident, competent and convincing when I speak. My only regret is that I did not take this course a year or two ago. It has brought me to another level of speaking proficiency and, more importantly, it has increased the effectiveness of my organization and myself tremendously.

Magaly Charbonneau
-MD International

At most other seminars I have been to, I usually felt that I was wasting my time or the seminar leader really didn't impress me with their knowledge or experience - this was definitely not the case with the first class delivery of this seminar. It was a full day that was interesting and impactful. I have already seen real, tangible bottom line results from implementing the things I learned.

Antony Merrifield
- IT Select

The system of human communication you taught was elegantly simple and profoundly deep. I have adopted your methods and can factually say that they have improved my effectiveness.

Francois M. de Gaspe Beaubien
President, Publishing Division
-Telemedia Communications Inc.

I wish I took this course 20 years ago!

Craig Tarrell
-Choice Hotels Canada

This is an invaluable seminar that can save companies money by utilizing these tactics. I saved the cost of the course during the lunch break.

Gordon Alexander
-Ision internet

Everything hit home. I feel that I am able to position myself and my employees more effectively now. Brilliant! It simplifies the workplace and lets you re-evaluate where you and your company are.

-B. Johnson
Golden Eagle Golf Club

Excellent, best 1 day seminar that I have attended!

-R. Liddicoat
Norson Construction

This seminar will do nothing but help you to profit both professionally and personally.

-T. Steffen
General Motors

Don't miss it. After 12 years as a buyer, spending millions per annum, I am sure that I will never look at negotiations the same.

-M. Buote
Advantex Marketing

This Seminar provided thought provoking practical insight and strategies that could be taken back to the work place.

-C. Bruce-Barrett
Hospital for Sick Children

I'd take it again and recommend it to all! This seminar is applicable to anyone in the profession of either sales or marketing.

Daniels Corporation

Will help me in my short & long term objectives. Relaxed atmosphere allowing me to absorb the information. It makes you look at priorities with a different perspective.

-M. Stainburn
Bell Actimedia