On-Site Training / Corporate Event Speaking

Are you having a company conference, meeting or retreat? Do you want all of your staff to benefit from one of our seminars, so your whole team can implement our great tools and techniques?

Any of the Management Performance Centre’s management seminars or keynote talks can be delivered on a dedicated, in-house basis for your company.  One of our speakers will come to a location chosen by you and deliver one of our exceptional seminars or deliver a keynote speech. Just call one of our Training Consultants to get information on all of our programs and the steps that you need to take to arrange an on-site training session, consulting session or a keynote speaking session.

An investment in one of our seminars, on-site training sessions or other consulting services delivers big results for your organization.  The bottom line is sales, profits and effectiveness increase, plus morale soars.


The objective of our seminars is to give your staff concrete, usable tools and techniques that enable your company to create strong, functional, high performance teams, producing a better bottom line.

• Your session will be customized to meet the exact needs of your staff; immediate results guaranteed.
• You get practical, effective tools.  Your seminar leader brings “real world” usable techniques straight from the front lines of business world.  Our seminars are not merely lectures based on confusing academic theories.
• Our seminars are entertaining and educational.  We guarantee that our interactive style will grab your attention for the entire day.
• Your staff will leave our session highly motivated.  Our clients are always eager to get back to work and implement the new ideas they have gained.
• While learning how to tackle daily obstacles, your team has a chance to get to know each other better, enhancing their chemistry and effectiveness back at work.
• Our seminar leaders deliver award winning and “eye opening” seminars empowering you with the knowledge they have learned from prospering on the front lines of the corporate world.

The investment you make in our seminars is an investment in your organization.  We guarantee it will be a short time before the money invested in our executive training courses will be repaid to you and your organization many fold with increased productivity.



• Administrative Assistants Conference
• Business Writing & Grammar Skills Made Fun & Easy
• How to Become a Better Communicator
• How to Deal with Difficult People
• Master of Influence-Marketing & Sales
• Master of Negotiation   
• Motivate Your Workforce
• Personal Productivity & Time Management
• Professional Presentations & Public Speaking
• Professional Supervisor
• Teambuilding & Coaching

• Building Self Esteem and     Assertiveness Skills
• Dealing with Difficult People
• Business Writing That Works
• Problem Solving & Decision Making
• Stress Management Training
• Working Smarter Using Technology to Your Advantage
• Advanced Writing Skills Training
• Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance

• Meeting Management: The Art of Making Meetings Work
• Business Etiquette: Gaining the Extra Edge
• Building Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
• Dealing with Difficult People
• Facilitation Skills
• Conflict Resolution: Getting Along in the Workplace
• Diversity Training
• Problem Solving & Decision Making
• Stress Management Training
• Negotiating for Results
• Business Writing That Works
• Public Speaking

• Managing Customer Service
• Critical Elements of Customer Service

• Generation Gap: Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace
• Change Management: Change and How to Deal with It
• Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
• Teamwork: Building Better Teams
• Business Ethics for the Office
• Coaching
• Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams
• Hiring Smart: Behavioural and Performance-Based Techniques
• Business Leadership: Becoming Management Material
• The Professional Supervisor
• Performance Management: Managing Employee Performance
• The ABC's of Supervising Others
• Delegation

• Coaching
• Motivating Your Workforce

• Working Smarter Using Technology to Your Advantage
• Advanced Writing Skills Training
• Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance

• Building Relationship for Success in Sales
• Sales and Customer Service Training for Call Centre Agents
• Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale
• Selling Smarter
• Prospecting for Leads
• Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool