Teambuilding and Coaching

The "Team Building and Coaching Seminar" will give you all the secrets you need to inspire your team and coach them to greater success.  If you manage and supervise people then it is up to you to get the results.  Your position is based on your ability to create a teamwork-oriented culture and to coach your team to enhance their work performance.    

This seminar explores the art and science of team building and coaching in organizations.  It is real world designed to give you take back to the office value.  You get usable techniques that enable you to coach your employees into a cohesive team that works in a more powerful and productive way.

You will get the concentrated wisdom, the secrets and rules of thumb used by the most successful managers and team leaders to build teams and coach their staff towards better performance.  


• How to create a team quickly
• How to get everyone focused on getting the job done versus complaining and dragging their feet
• Motivating your staff
• Dealing with cynics and ramblers
• How to coach effectively
• Plus much, much more

Learn how to overcome the biggest challenge for managers... building effective,
functional teams.

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