Master of Influence - Marketing and Sales

This seminar explores the art and science of marketing, motivating, influencing, persuading, selling and closing.  It is real world designed to give you true take home value. You get usable techniques at influencing the people around you in a more powerful and productive way. 

Every day you interface with suppliers, customers, friends, family, employees and co-workers.  Your ability to influence these people is critical.  We have all learned some influencing techniques, mostly by trial and error.

Almost no one has spent time studying how to most effectively influence human beings – which when you think about it, is probably the most important knowledge and skill you can have.

Now you can have access to the most advanced human influencing techniques existing today by attending this seminar.  Just think of the opportunities and sales you won’t get if you don’t take this seminar.


• How to build instant rapport and trust
• How to find out your customers decision making system and how to use that information to make the sales
• How to create interest and need
• Subconscious sales tactics
• Your customers emotional programming and how to use it
• The secrets of closing the sale
• Plus much, much more

A highly sophisticated and workable system to elegantly increase your sales.

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