Business Writing & Grammar Skills Made Fun & Easy


In today’s challenging workplace, you cannot afford to communicate poorly. Getting the job done well depends on your ability to craft messages that are clear, professional and persuasive. Whether you’re writing an e-mail, memo, business letter, project report or client update, you need to be confident that it will get the results you want. What’s more, other people’s opinion of your level of ability and professionalism depends on the quality of your written communication. Good writing enhances your reputation and success.

There’s also the issue of time. In today’s frantic workplace, you are pressured not only to write well, but very fast. It’s no wonder many people feel anxious and stressed when it comes to writing.

Although we have all, at some point, learned basic writing skills, very few people have been taught an efficient process for writing high-quality documents quickly and with ease. This workshop presents a simple yet powerful writing process that will improve how you write while also giving you the knowledge and tools to write strong and effective documents.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to sharpen your business writing skills.


• Learn to get your message across clearly and concisely: no more reader confusion
• Catch mistakes before it’s too late! Practical tips on editing and proofreading
• Discover how to increase your e-mail productivity—and avoid all-too-common e-mail blunders
• Develop a writing process that will save you time while improving quality and results
• Plus much, much more...

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